Retro Birthday Party

Last year my Sister turned 20 years old in august and my dad turned 50 in september. So they decided to throw a big Party. The Party was "retro" themed and we found a perfect place to celebrate. It was an old retro inspired restaurant wich had a good equipted kitchen, plenty of tables and chairs, a restroom and it looked like something straight out of a film from the 50ies. It was absolutely lovely.


Because i love baking and organizing things like that, i made the dessert table. It was A LOT of work. It was the first time i made a dessert table and it wasn`t that easy but it was a lot of fun.

I had to make dessert for about 50 - 60 guests. What do you serve to so many people?

The first thing that came to my mind was a Birthday cake of course. I mean, what is a party without cake? I decided that that would be a surprise for my dad and sister (wich was difficult because we all live in the same house) but it worked. 


My whole Family loves Star Wars, so the cake for my Dad just had to be Darth Vader.

My sister loves motocross and biking (downhill mostly) so i wanted to make a Motocross Helmet Cake for her. And i wanted both cakes to be 3D. No problem right?

I made a list with all the Desserts i wanted to make (wich included Cupcakes of course ;) , and decided to go for Mocca Cupcakes and Banoffee Cupcakes, Retro inspired sugar cookies, Mini chocolate ganache tarts and mini cream cheese tarts. And also the two Birthday Cakes. We had plenty of leftovers.


A bit more than a week before the Party i started making the desserts. I made the Sugar cookies on Friday and Saturday because i could freeze them well without loosing their taste and texture. On Sunday i made the Darth Vader Cake. I had to put it in the freezer, but luckily there was no problem when i took it out on the day of the Party to let it come to room temperature. Plus the marzipan on the cake had a nice shine, thanks to the freezer. 

I made the Cucakes and their frosting, and the fillings for the mini tarts on thursday (two days before the party). 

On Friday evening (one day befoe the Party) i made the Motocross helmet cake. I worked non stop until 2am the next day. I was exhausted but it was worth it.


On Saturday (day of the party, and about 4 hours of sleep later) i put everything in tupperware containers and the cakes in boxes and then we went to the old restaurant were the Party was going to be. 

Luckily for me, there was a Kitchen with enough space for me to decorate the cupcakes and fill the tarts AND for the cooks who prepared and grilled the food.

Also it had a huge refrigerator room where i could store everything. 


When the table for the dessert was set and everything else was prepared i could finally relax and get dressed for the Party.


It was a great Party and everyone was happy (and stuffed with dessert) and my dad and my sister were really surprised by the cakes. The dinner was delicious and the dessert table emptied more and more.

I was so happy with the results and one thing i can recomend everyone is to plan ahed, make lists and that kind of stuff. It will take a lot of stress of you and you probably have plenty of other things to think about. :)


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